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Social and Emotional Needs

of Gifted Students

Possible Objectives

  • Theory of Overexcitabilities

  • Developmental Profiles (Typical and Atypical)

  • Pressures on the gifted learners

  • Asynchronous development

  • Friends and the gifted learner

  • Creating strategies for positive emotional growth

  • Twice exceptional learner (2E)

Possible Resources

  • Kazimierz Dabrowski: Theory of Overexcitabilities

  • Dr. James Webb:  Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children & Adults; Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope


  • Dr. Jim Delisle and Judy Galbraith: Gifted Kids Survival Guide

  • Dr. George Betts and Dr. Maureen Neihart: 2010 Profiles of Gifted Learners

  • Judith Wyn Halsted: Some of My Friends are Books:Guiding Gifted Readers

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