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Nature and Needs

of Gifted Students

Possible Objectives

  • Identify indicators of giftedness

  • Identify indicators of giftedness in special populations

  • Differentiate between high achievers, gifted and creative students

  • Understanding the differences between gifted and talented

  • Identify types of gifted learners

  • Review Texas State Plan for Gifted and Talented students

  • Determine appropriate teaching responses to meet gifted learners' needs

  • Understand the rights of gifted learners

Possible Resources

  • Dr. Bertie Kingore: Differentiating high achieving, gifted and creative

  • Dr. Barbara Clark: Growing Up Gifted, Declaration of Educational Rights of the Gifted Child; Concept of Giftedness

  • Dr. George Betts and Dr. Maureen Neihart: 2010 Profiles of Gifted Learners

  • Francois Gagne: Differentiated Model of Gifted and Talented

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