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Jessica Rhodes, Parent

              ...Julie has a true knack for working with gifted children. She understands their unique tendencies and is able to tailor the curriculum to push them to their highest potential. She recognizes their strengths and helps them to cultivate those talents and celebrate their own growth.  Julie easily and accurately assessed my daughter’s weaker areas and was able to guide her in overcoming her intense anxiety and fear of failure.  


... I have come to greatly appreciate her advice, not just in relation to schoolwork, but in suggestions for appropriate reading material or educational games.

Cathy Shaver,
Former Director of Advanced Academics
Grand Prairie ISD 

             ...Fresh from the GT classroom, Julie shares her experience and expertise, conducting staff development sessions for both her own and surrounding districts. As Director of Advanced Academics in Grand Prairie ISD, Julie has been a tremendous resource for me to access high quality staff development for my teachers. She consistently offers solid, research-based information, based on best practices in the field of gifted education, giving teachers the opportunity to develop a much deeper understanding of the gifted students they serve. 

... Julie’s friendly and approachable style of presentation encourages teachers to ask questions and actively participate in the learning. Her presentations are much more than “sit-and-get”, giving teachers opportunities to collaborate, reflect on their learning, and participate in activities and strategies that they can take back to their classroom the next day. And as an expert in the field, she understands that serving gifted students is about more than the academic side. She also shares insight into the social and emotional aspects of nurturing gifted students to reach their potential. Julie offers a wide array of gifted topics, which are continually updated (and she will even design based on your district’s unique needs).

Julia Haun,
Former Elementary Math Coordinator
Plano ISD

             ...Ms. Seymour and I have collaborated on numerous curriculum projects over the years.  Her area of expertise is working with talented and gifted students and she made valuable contributions to our elementary curriculum.    ...Ms. Seymour has developed and provided supplemental materials, training, and recommendations for ways to better meet the need of talented and high achieving mathematics students in our district.  Her creative ideas and skills in writing make her contributions effective and accessible for teachers and students.  She would be a wonderful addition to any curriculum writing team or project.

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