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Parent Trainings

Engaging and informative training topics can be customized to you or your group's needs. These include. but are not limited to:

  • Nature  and Needs of Gifted

  • Twice Exceptional Learner

  • Social Emotional Aspects of Gifted Children

  • Underacheivement

  • Parenting the Gifted Child

  • Is My Child Gifted, High Achieving or Creative?

  • Developing Creative Thinkers

Resource Guidance

Parents can receive references to guide their child as well as expand their own knowledge. These resources can include:

  • Literature/Novel recommendations

  • Websites/Organizations for parent education of the gifted

  • Websites for academic development

  • Programming

Educational Guidance

Parents can receive answers to questions about educational options for their gifted child regarding:

  • Grade placements/ acceleration

  • Curriculum differentiation

  • Gifted program placements

Student Sessions

Students can work individually or in small groups on engaging learning projects tailored to their needs and interests. These can be based upon:

  • Passion topics

  • Areas of strength

  • Areas of relative weakness or dual exceptionality

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