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Differentiating Curriculum
for the Gifted Learner

Possible Objectives

  • Identify the importance of differentiation

  • Understand teaching methods that encourage learning for gifted 

  • Review classroom strategies

    • Tiering​

    • Curriculum Compacting

    • Depth and Complexity

    • Voice and Choice

    • Grouping Options

  • Understand advantages/disadvantages of enrichment and acceleration​

  • Create differentiated lesson

Possible Resources

  • Dr. Susan Johnsen: Differentiating in the Regular Classroom

  • Dr. Bertie Kingore: Rigor for Gifted Learners; Modifying Curriculum with Intellectual Integrity; Tiering Classroom Instruction

  • Dr. Joyce Van Tassel-Baska: Integrated Curriculum Model for Gifted Learners

  • Dr. George Betts and Jolene Kercher: Autonomous Learner Model

  • Dr. Sandra Kaplan: Depth and Complexity

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