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Staff Development: Fresh from the GT classroom, Julie shares her expertise and experience conducting high quality staff developments grounded in solid research and best practices in the field of gifted education. Her highly interactive and engaging presentations provide teachers opportunities to collaborate and take back activities and strategies ready for use the next day.

Curriculum Development: Julie's years of teaching gifted students give her a unique insight into advanced curriculum that works.  Her creative ideas and outstanding writing skills combine to produce lessons that challenge and engage.

Additional Services: Other services include Program Evaluation, Development of Identification Processes and Administrative Support.

Parent Trainings: Julie understands the importance of parents receiving research-based information on issues pertinent to the lives of gifted children. Whether presenting to small or large groups, her sessions are always interactive and highly engaging.

Resource Guidance: Julie's in-depth work in the field of gifted has given her familiarity with multiple resources that she can share with the families of gifted students.

Student Sessions: Julie has a true knack for working with gifted children. She understands their unique tendencies and is able to tailor the curriculum to push them to their highest potential. 

Educational Guidance: Every gifted student has unique educational needs. Julie can consult with parents to aid them as they make decisions to best serve their gifted child.

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