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My Background

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm an advocate for gifted individuals and their families. My years in education have taught me that while academically gifted students share many of the same learning traits, they all possess unique variations in their strengths and areas of relative weaknesses and present a host of educational issues that must be addressed.

My passion for and experience with academically gifted students combined with my unique skills as a presenter allow me to reach out to educators and families of gifted individuals to inform, inspire and empower them to help all gifted students reach their potential. I can provide training sessions, consult on educational programming for school districts and for an individual, as well as work with gifted students themselves. Please contact me about your needs. I would love to have the opportunity to consult with you.

  • I'm a Gifted Specialist. Hold Texas State Certification in Gifted and Talented. Completed 15 college hours of study in this area.

  • I'm a Curriculum Specialist. Hold Texas State Supervisor's Certification. Completed Curriculum and Supervision coursework as minor in Master's Degree.

  • I'm a Math Specialist. Hold K-8 Texas State Certification in Math.

  • I'm an Educator.

    • M.Ed.- Texas A&M Commerce (Formerly East Texas State University)

      • Major: Secondary and Higher Education with minor in Curriculum and Supervision

    • B.A. -  University of Northern Iowa

      • Major:  Elementary Education with emphases in math and social studies​

    • Thirty-two years experience teaching grades K-8. Twenty years teaching as Gifted Specialist.​

    • Texas certifications in Supervision, ESL and Gifted.

  • I'm a Presenter. Presented to a variety of professional education groups, both at school, district and state levels for over 25 years.

  • I'm a Published Author.

    • Published work for TAGT

      • Wrote article for Tempo, Texas Association of Gifted and Talented's (TAGT) journal, as well as curriculum for TAGT publication.

    • Published a fiction book for advanced primary readers that includes advanced vocabulary, mathematical obstacles, and addresses social/emotional issues.

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