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While gifted children share common intellectual and learning traits, it is certain that no two students are alike. Whether you are a parent or an educator of an intellectually or creatively advanced individual, you most likely are in need of support and guidance and may feel isolated. One of the best resources I have found is the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT). Their mission is to advocate for gifted students through the dissemination and promotion of best practices in the education of the gifted. The organization uses a variety of methods to accomplish this goal. Each year they host an annual conference with strands targeted for administrators, teachers, counselors and parents alike.

TAGT has a great online presence as well. TAGT Connect is an online community that encourages the sharing of issues that one may encounter on a platform where others can share what has worked for them. In addition, #gtchat is a weekly Twitter chat that allows educators, parents, advocates and experts an hour to exchange ideas and resources.

Their reach includes publications as well. TAGT's quarterly journal, Tempo, is a peer-reviewed publication that deals with current issues in gifted education. TAGT also is a source for listings of programs and literature for gifted.

Explore this group's offerings today here. You are sure to find many kindred spirits!

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