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More Strategies to Get Past the "Worries"

In a previous blog, I discussed anxiety as it pertains specifically to gifted learners. The work of Peters, Byrd, Trepánier and others helps to outline the causes of anxiety in these learners and to suggest possible interventions to offer them in an effort to help them cope.

Additionally, the work of Kalman Heller, PhD., offers other suggestions that specifically engage the strengths of young, bright learners. He uses their abilities to quickly learn complex concepts and to problem solve as a way to engage anxious children in their quest for coping skills. Read his article to get further practical suggestions for helping bright learners deal with anxiety:

Another professional who contributes to the understanding of anxiety is Karen Young, a psychologist who authors the popular website, Hey Sigmund. Her article on anxiety and teens offer many practical suggestions written directly to the adolescent.

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